Keeping the Chaff and the Wheat, Unsolicited Press, 2018

Keeping the Chaff and the Wheat is full of poems that attempt to retrace and re-imagine stories that have remained untold, filling the gaps between symptoms and family myths. The stories could be those of a woman and her children and their children.

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Photo: Stefania Panepinto
Photo: Stefania Panepinto

But For What's My Axis, a three-part multidisciplinary performative work made in collaboration between visual artist Kara Rooney, composer Fatrin Krajka, and Brooklyn-based poets Betsy Fagin, Laura Henriksen, and Marine Cornuet. This project takes the institutionalization of language as its starting point, in an attempt to grapple with a largely invisible spectre of oppression. Part 1, Origin, was performed in at Totah Gallery (NY)  in 2017 and Part 2, Desire was performed at Fridman Gallery (NY) as part of the 2018 New Ear Festival.