From French to English:

Jean Eric Boulin, Michael Legrand, from Lettre de Louisiane, Michael Legrand, un Français dans l'antichambre de la mort, Vanity Fair, 2015


From English to French:

Kaveh Akbar, four poems from Calling a Wolf a Wolf, Alice James Books, 2017, in Revue Catastrophes, May 2019

Monica Youn, Study of Two Figures (Pasipahë/Sado): Etude de Deux Personnages (Pasiphaé/Sado), in Revue Catastrophes, March 2019. Selected for the Catastrophes anthology #2 in print, published in 2020.

Cynthia Manick, five poems from Blue Hallelujahs, Black Lawrence Press, 2016, in Revue Catastrophes, January 2019


From French to English:

Theatrical adaptation of Saïd Amadis' La Loi des Incroyants, Editions Plon, 1995